Marc Maron Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Tool

Tool are so influential to us rock and metal fans that it's easy to forget the band can be an acquired taste for some. For example, comedian Marc Maron recently explained why he doesn't like Tool's music, though he's friendly with the band, on WTF with Marc Maron.

Thursday's episode featured an interview with fellow comedian Nick Youssef, and Maron recounted his separate run-ins with Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and Tool guitarist Adam Jones.

Still, Maron said, he feels he missed the boat on liking Tool's music because he didn't learn about the band until later. He also showed Tool's connection to comedy. (Listen near the bottom of this post.)

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"That shit's gotta be planted young, dude," Maron tells Youssef of his distaste for Tool's music. "If it wasn't planted in my weird, angry, adolescent head. … That's where it happens, but I missed all that. So, there I was, like in my 40s, kind of listening to Tool. But they were comedy fans; they were [Bill] Hicks fans. There's a painting of Hicks on one of their records."

Affirming the references to Hicks on Tool's 1996 album, Ænima — an image of the late comedian in one Ænima panel calls him "Another Dead Hero" — Youssef adds, "They have a clip of his stand-up [on the record]. That's how, weirdly, I found out about Hicks."

Marc Maron Is Cool With Tool Personally

Maron interviewed Keenan in 2013. "We had an extensive conversation about parrots," Maron says. "He used to work at a pet store. 'Cause I wasn't a huge Tool guy. But I got the opportunity to interview him, so we ended up talking about pet stores and parrots."

Plus, "I sat next to their guitar player at AEW [Wrestling]," Maron adds before Youssef confirmed it was Jones.

"We had a nice thing, but he knew who I was," Maron says of the encounter. "Someone DMed me like, 'That's the guy from Tool next to you.' And I'm like, alright, well I can't be like, 'I liked Oculus,' or whatever — I don't know. What's the albums' names?"

Youssef responded that he was likely thinking of 2001's Lateralus. And when he asked Maron if meeting the Tool members made him appreciate their music more, Maron answered no. Hear the episode below.

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