TLC’s ‘MILF Manor’ Contestant Was a ‘Heavy Metal Video Vixen’

It's always interesting to see what other projects music video stars accomplish later in their lives. One video vixen in particular, named April Jayne, who's appeared in several rock and metal videos, was a contestant on Season 1 of the new TLC reality show MILF Manor.

We're not going to tell you what "MILF" means… you can Google it. But the series is essentially a dating show about middle-aged women in a tropical destination to meet younger men, albeit with an interesting twist — their sons make up the pool of youthful gentlemen prospects, but neither the women nor the sons know it's the same show until they all arrive. So, the young men are all there to find love with the older women, which is quite possibly one of the most deranged plots for a television show we've ever heard of.

Want to watch your mom head upstairs with one of your friends? MILF Manor has you covered!

The show premiered last month on TLC, and there've been quite a mix of reactions from viewers. But the reason we're even talking about it at all is because of Jayne, who was a contestant on the show alongside one of her sons.

"The Los Angeles mom of three is a former heavy metal video vixen turned personal trainer. She was engaged last year, but her fiance sadly passed away. April hasn’t dated anyone until joining MILF Manor, but is she finally ready to give love another shot?" the show's website reads.

According to Jayne's Instagram, she was in videos by Van Halen ("Loss of Control"), David Lee Roth, Alabama ("Can't Keep a Good Man Down") and IMDb has her listed in the cast of Ted Nugent's "Tied Up in Love" too. Not only did she have credits in music videos, she also appeared in the show Married With Children [via Starcasm]. Oh, and she's also in a band called April Jayne and the Players.

Jayne's son Gabriel was also a contestant on MILF Manor. His bio on the show's site reads, "Gabriel is a model and a singer. He lives in Los Angeles and has a twin brother. Gabriel, his brother, and their father have a rock band together, and they regularly perform at clubs on Sunset Blvd. He is a huge flirt and has a hard time being serious in relationships. Will all of that change with one of the ladies in the villa?"

Check out Gabriel and April's music projects below.

A teaser clip for the series shows the women and the sons' reactions when they reveal all of the contestants.

"I knew my son Gabriel was going to be in Mexico with me, I thought he was gonna be on a separate dating retreat. But he's in my dating pool, and I'm gonna have to see my son date these moms!" Jayne said during the clip, which you can see below.

If you're skeptical about the show, which is completely understandable, it's actually gotten good reviews online. People seem to think "the more unhinged the better" when it comes to reality TV.

"Whoever came up with the concept of this show especially the 'twist' that I could have never anticipated.. is brilliant and needs a raise. I AM CAPTIVATED. I never knew a show could be so painful to watch and I'm here for it. You'll understand why if you give this show a chance (no spoilers, trust me you want to see it for yourself)," someone wrote on IMDb.

"This show is ridiculously awesome. It's about 8 women who date one another's sons. Who knows if it's scripted or not – but it's hilarious and everyone in the show is just so bad… It's so weird and so hilarious. Also, it's pretty MILF action that is going to lead to lots of adult film parodies which many of us will watch for years to come. Get it. I wrote come. Haha. Anyhow – recommended," noted another.

We have no suggestions for what you should do with all of this information — just wanted to share what another video vixen is up to. Have a great rest of your week!

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