Tommy Lee’s ‘Bouncy Castle’ NSFW Video Is Totally Unhinged

Tommy Lee's had our interest piqued with new video teases over the past week, and his "Bouncy Castle" video did not disappoint. In fact, it's probably one of the most bonkers things we've seen in a while.

The video, featuring animation from Smearballs, finds a variety of "Tommy's" wreaking havoc in a hotel room as Lee's banger of a new track soundtracks the whole thing. It's a bit of Tommy overload with some humorous nods to Motley Crue drummer's larger than life, ahem, personality thrown in.

Here's your warning that the video is a little NSFW, requiring an age restriction check on YouTube. So be warned.

While Lee is mostly known for his drumming in Motley Crue, he's also received quite a bit of attention publicity over the years for his penis, something that gets plenty of play in the video. Yes, Lee's penis even had a speaking role in Pam & Tommy miniseries earlier this year and received quite a bit of attention again later in the year when he posted a naked photo to social media.

Within this video, there's several dick jokes with the Motley Crue drummer wearing a penis and balls helmet smashing a television and a version of Tommy laying on a couch with a giant snake rising from between his legs.

Other "Tommys" in the video include a Minotaur Tommy, a drum Tommy playing a boob-centric drumkit, a clown Tommy sucking on a helium tank, a deathbat Tommy in a diaper and a heavy set Tommy with a bikini-clad woman jumping on his chest. Plus, there's a giant ball of possessed Tommys rolling down the hallway outside. And that's not to mention a few headless Tommys hanging from the ceiling, being eaten in a fireplace and crawling to escape the mayhem.

While Lee definitely paints a picture you won't soon forget, the track is actually pretty solid as well. "Bouncy Castle" will appeal to fans of Lee's rock beats behind the kit, which meld perfectly with the drummer's appreciation for electronic dance music. It's definitely got a groove that will get you moving.

So, check out Tommy's new song and video for "Bouncy Castle" below.

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