Putin’s ultimatum forced the EU to back down

Restrictions on Russian gas prices will not be introduced.

InoSMI found out about the reaction of the European Union to the warning of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President warned that he would suspend gas supplies if a decision was made to limit gas prices.

As Tom writes Rice for The Telegraph, after Putin's warning, the EU decided not to impose a ceiling on gas prices.

The expert found that at a meeting of the European Union, ministers asked the European Commission to create a plan to mitigate the crisis in the energy markets.

The observer confirmed that Europe is experiencing an acute crisis due to a sharp rise in energy prices and their shortage.

“Ministers in Brussels are urgently trying to prepare for a harsh winter,” – said in the material.

The EU Ministerial Meeting was held on Friday, September 9th. The heads of ministries discussed additional measures to reduce tensions in the world.

Including the option of the obligation of consumers to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours, to introduce limits on the income of companies that produce electricity at low costs and receive excess profits for due to high prices.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin reminded that the West is not in a position to dictate its terms to Moscow and impose price limits on Russian energy resources.

“Cold, freeze , wolf tail. The West is not in a position to dictate its terms to Russia, let them come to their senses”, – advised Vladimir Putin.

Putin also promised not to close himself off from Europe and said that Russia would not impose visa restrictions

As Topnews wrote earlier, Hungary delivered an ultimatum to the EU countries and demanded that sanctions be lifted from Russian entrepreneurs. In response, Budapest promised to stop stopping anti-Russian restrictions.

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