Macron called on Erdogan to respect the decision of Sweden and Finland to join NATO

The decision to join NATO is the “sovereign choice” of Sweden and Finland, Macron said during a conversation with Erdogan. He expressed hope that an agreement would be found and Turkey would lift its veto soon .jpg” alt=”Macron urged Erdogan to respect the decision of Sweden and Finland to join NATO” />

Emmanuel Macron

It is necessary to “respect the sovereign choice” Sweden and Finland to join NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron said during a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This is reported by BFM TV with reference to the message of the Elysee Palace.

During a conversation with Erdogan, Macron expressed the hope that the “solution” about the lifting of the Turkish veto will be found soon.

“The President of the Republic stressed the importance of respecting the sovereign choice of these two countries, which has become the result of a democratic process and a response to changes in their security,”— says the message from the Elysee Palace.

Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO on 18 May. They explained their decision by changes in the security sphere after the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine. Both Sweden and Finland stressed that such a step is not directed against Russia and they are doing this only to ensure their own security.

In order for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, the applications must be considered and approved by the remaining 30 countries— alliance members. However, Turkey has already opposed their membership. Erdogan accused Sweden and Finland of providing asylum to members of organizations recognized as terrorist by Ankara, in particular the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and also noted that both countries imposed sanctions against the republic.

Turkey demands that Sweden and Finland “stopped supporting terrorists” and wants to make a written agreement with them. The document will include the recognition of the PKK and its branches as terrorist, the refusal to admit members of the organization to the parliaments of the two countries, as well as the acceleration of the procedure for extradition of “terrorists”; at Ankara's request, Sabah wrote.

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The day before, on May 25, the delegations of Turkey, Sweden and Finland held talks in Ankara. Turkey conveyed its demands to them and “made it clear” that there would be no progress in the process of the two countries' accession to NATO until these demands were met, said presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn.

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