What kind of electronic warfare “Khibiny” that makes aircraft invisible is used in Ukraine?

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Aviation complex of electronic warfare (EW) «Khibiny» will be modernized according to the results of the application in Ukraine. The operation of the module will become more automated, in fact, the role of the pilot in the operation of the complex will be minimized. AiF.ru understood the peculiarities of this system.

How does it work?

The container station for active jamming of individual protection was developed by the Kaluga Research Radio Engineering Institute. “Khibiny” — aviation complex of electronic suppression. Now the equipment of the complex is placed in two or three hanging containers, which are installed on the wings of the aircraft. One of them contains a receiver that determines the frequency of the enemy's radio signal. In the second — a digital memory device with a transmitter for generating a response interference signal. A third block, which is attached under the fuselage, can also be used. The auxiliary container is additionally suspended on the main aircraft when the group takes off for a combat mission. With it, this fighter will be able to cover the entire group operating in one combat formation with radio interference.

How does it work?

Improved complexes greatly increase the survivability of fighters operating in an area with enhanced air defense countermeasures. Fighter with the “Khibiny” complex on board becomes invisible to the enemy, the system blocks the possibility of targeted work on covered aircraft with air-to-air missiles; and ground-to-air. The system independently analyzes the radiation of the enemy's radio engineering and radar facilities and, according to a special algorithm, makes a decision — what obstacles to apply. They can be powerful noise — blocking the entire radio band. In the case of “leading away” interference on the air creates a lot of decoys, among which real aircraft will be lost.

The complex generates such a signal level that it distorts the “picture” on radar, hiding the true position of the fighters. Moreover, it becomes impossible to determine which type of aircraft is attacking. It is impossible to recognize on radars which target is approaching — group or single. Thanks to the protective electronic field around the aircraft, guided missiles lose their target. This reduces the accuracy of target designation and prevents the enemy from choosing weapons. The complex is capable of not only creating a false electronic environment, but also helping to control the aircraft’s weapons, as well as ensuring a breakthrough in the enemy’s layered air defense. 

It is reported that when creating “Khibiny” the most modern achievements of radio electronics were applied. The latest modifications of the complex are capable of jamming aircraft and ground-based air defense systems with electronic interference, and conduct electronic intelligence. In addition, she will be able to find enemy radio channels and disrupt their work.

Who are they armed with?

The development of this type of system has been going on since the 1970s, the first Su-34 equipped with the Khibiny was put into service in 2014. In 2017, all Su-34 front-line bombers in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces were equipped with these electronic warfare modules. It is currently used on the Su-34 front-line bombers, it was reported about the creation of complexes for the Su-30SM and Su-35S fighters. In 2019, the Ministry of Defense announced the start of entering service with the modernized Khibiny-2 electronic warfare system. Unlike the base model, the Khibiny-2 electronic warfare complex has a wider coverage area and a working area of ​​​​destruction, which makes it possible to double the survivability of the vehicle during the battle. These improvements were made based on the results of combat use in Syria.


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