The Ministry of Health announced problems with the purchase of medical devices

According to Ekaterina Karakulina, Director of the Department of Organization of Medical Assistance and Sanatorium and Resort Business, a number of regions, despite the availability of funds, have not yet announced a tender for the purchase of

In Russia, there are difficulties with the purchase of medical devices, said Ekaterina Karakulina, director of the department for the organization of medical care and sanatorium affairs of the Ministry of Health, during a round table on the topic “Improving the legislation of the Russian Federation on the provision of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases” in the Federation Council.

“We have difficulties today in the purchase of medical devices, we know this very well,”— said a representative of the Ministry of Health (TASS quote).

Karakulina also said that in a number of cases “competitions did not take place”, linking this with “the specifics of deliveries of a number of medical devices to the Russian Federation today.” “Although we understand that today our federal project provides for the priority of the domestic manufacturer,” — she noted.

According to a representative of the Ministry of Health on May 13, 63 Russian regions signed contracts for more than 2.6 thousand units of medical equipment, nine are conducting competitive procurement procedures. At the same time, “a number of subjects”, despite the availability of funds, have not yet announced tenders, she pointed out.

In order to avoid drug shortages and interruptions in their supply, in mid-April the government simplified the procedure for registering individual drugs until the end of 2023. Its term will be reduced by 30 days.

In addition, the authorities allowed to sell in Russia until the end of this year newly registered foreign drugs in foreign packaging with a label in Russian (until now it was possible only in Russian), and unregistered &mdash ; after issuing a temporary permit.

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In mid-March, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko assured that the situation with the production and supply of drugs to Russia is stable. “The volume of production and supply of medicines and pharmaceutical substances, including imported ones, this year is significantly ahead of last year,” — he claimed. The lack of medicines was also ruled out in Roszdravnadzor.

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