NBC learned about the work of McKinsey at the same time for the Pentagon and Rostec

According to the channel, the consulting company simultaneously carried out orders for the US Pentagon and the Russian Rostec. McKinsey itself said that the contracts with the Russian company did not concern weapons systems ” alt=”NBC found out about the work of McKinsey at the same time for the Pentagon and Rostec” />

The American consulting company McKinsey collaborated with Rostec at the same time; and served on contracts for the Pentagon as well as for the intelligence community. This is reported by NBC with reference to its own investigation.

“McKinsey, while advising a Russian corporation, although not on issues directly related to weapons, at the same time carried out contracts in the field of national security for the US Department of Defense and the intelligence community,” — the article says.

The TV channel claims that it is Rostec; largely responsible for supplying the Russian army with missiles that hit targets in Ukraine.

However, McKinsey did not see a conflict of interest in recent activities in Russia and contracts for US federal agencies. “Our past work for Rostec contractors did not concern weapons systems. This activity consisted of commercial and operational matters on which we advise clients on a regular basis around the world,— company spokesman Neil Grace told NBC.

RBC sent a request to Rostec.

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McKinsey stopped serving customers in Russia on April 15 due to Russia's operation in Ukraine. In addition, the company stopped the conclusion of new contracts in Russia and work with government agencies. On May 16, it became known that the new owners of the Russian “daughter” Employees of the company became McKinsey, and CEO Yakov Sergienko became the main shareholder with a 33% share.

Apart from McKinsey, all companies from the Big Four also ceased their activities in Russia. auditors— KPMG, PwC, EY and Deloitte. They decided to withdraw the Russian units from their composition. The decisions of KPMG and Deloitte also affected Belarusian offices.

Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine since February 24th. President Vladimir Putin called its goals the need for “demilitarization and denazification”; neighboring state, as well as protecting the population of Donbass from “genocide” from Kyiv. Ukraine, in response, declared martial law and mobilization.

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