Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia revealed the technical characteristics of “Sarmat”

According to the general, the Sarmat missile is capable of flying across the North and South Poles, and the means to intercept it are unlikely to be developed in the coming decades

The latest Russian intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” capable of flying over the North and South Poles and other trajectories. About this on the air of the TV channel “Star” said the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) of Russia, Colonel-General Sergei Karakaev.

“Due to the power supply of the new missile system, the trajectory has the ability to change. From our notorious trajectory through the North Pole, if necessary, it is possible to lay a trajectory through the South Pole, which, in principle, is not protected today. And also there are possibilities of other trajectories— from the point of view of the possibility of launching into outer space,»,— he said.

According to Karakaev, in the coming decades it is “hardly possible” create means to intercept a Russian missile.

On April 20, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the successful launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region. This missile system will replace the “Voevoda” complex with the intercontinental ballistic missile R-36M2, which is currently armed with the Russian strategic missile forces. President Vladimir Putin watched the test launch via video link.

Head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that the deliveries of “Sarmatov” the troops will begin in the fall. He noted that only one such missile is capable of destroying half of the coast of the “disliked” continent. Technical capabilities of “Sarmat” “allow it to become much more invulnerable to US missile defense,” the head of the state corporation claimed.

At the same time, the Pentagon did not see Sarmat ICBMs in tests a threat to the United States.

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