CNBC reports an increase in desertions among US Navy sailors

The number of deserted sailors in the US Navy has sharply increased, CNBC reports, citing its own investigation.

by 150% and amounted to 157 people, which was a sharp jump compared to previous years. So, in 2019, only 63 such cases were recorded in the US Navy.

Most of the deserters were 25 years old or younger at the time of the incidents. A possible cause of the phenomenon could be “terrible” conditions in places of service, stress and mental health problems, journalists of the TV channel noted.

Earlier, the head of the US General Staff, Mark Milley, announced the need for renewal and modernization US Army because of the threat of global conflict. According to him, the world is becoming more and more unstable, and the great powers are planning to change the global order. U.S. dominance is rapidly declining, the country is being challenged in all areas of warfare in space, sea and air.

The chief of the general staff called it very difficult a potential war with “elusive enemies”, fighting in cities that require long-range precision weapons and new technologies.

“In the world you are entering, there is the potential for major international conflict between the great powers. And the probability of this event is increasing, not decreasing,” — Milli noted.

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