The permanent representative of the Crimea said about the “unviability” of Ukraine

Permanent representative of Crimea Muradov: Ukraine will not remain within the former borders, the rights of Russians have been violated Ukraine will not remain in the same format, permanent representative of Crimea is sure. According to him, federalization and observance of the rights of different nationalities could help the country, but Kyiv did not do this and “grossly violated” them

Georgy Muradov

Ukraine could remain “in the form in which it was” subject to federalization and full observance of the linguistic, cultural, educational and other rights of national communities, however, they were violated, RIA Novosti said. Georgy Muradov, Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President of Russia, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Government.

“This was especially true for the rights of the state-forming Russian people, whose linguistic rights are enshrined in Article 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution. However, these principles were grossly violated, and the Ukrainian state became unviable,— emphasized the permanent representative.

Muradov also expressed confidence that Ukraine would not remain “in the form in which it was.” According to him, “this is already the former Ukraine.”

In early May, Muradov considered it inevitable that the southern regions of Ukraine, which are controlled by Moscow, would become part of Russia. In his opinion, for eight years their inhabitants were in conditions of “repression and bullying,” and joining Russia would be a manifestation of the “will of the people themselves.” The Permanent Representative of Crimea also claimed that the southern territories of Ukraine were “donated”, historically they belonged to Russia, and military-civilian administrations are already starting to work in them, Russian TV channels are operating, schools are taught according to Russian textbooks.

At the same time, Muradov called it premature to hold referendums on joining Russia in the regions in southern Ukraine before the complete cessation of hostilities. He pointed out that “other political decisions”, including temporary ones, could be made that would open up “allied opportunities” with Moscow.

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In mid-February, about “forced assimilation” Russians in Ukraine, said the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. He expressed confidence that this activity is taking place with the military and political support of the United States. According to the diplomat, the key goal of the US authorities was to “push back” Moscow as far east as possible.

In November 2020, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the people of Donbass in Russian to assure Kyiv of its efforts to end the conflict in the east of the country. “You see everything yourself: Ukraine is open to you in every sense of the word,” — he emphasized. Later, in early August last year, the President of Ukraine called for those people who consider “we go to Russia”, “our cause is just” to leave the country. “If you love Russia and have been on the territory of Ukraine all your life and felt that this is Russia, then you must understand that for the sake of your children and grandchildren you already need to go and look for a place in Russia. That's right, — said Zelensky.

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