The Kremlin announced the comfort and security for Russia in the post-crisis world

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is living in a conflict with the West and expressed confidence that it will end in a world in which “our voice will be heard”

The post-crisis world will be for Russia comfortable and safe. This was stated by the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, speaking at the educational marathon “New Horizons”, organized by the society “Knowledge”.

According to Peskov, now Russia lives in the conditions of a conflict unleashed against it. “In the end, I am convinced that any war ends in peace. And this world will be one where our voice will be heard, where we will be comfortable, where we will be safe and where we will stand confidently on our feet,— said the Kremlin spokesman.

“We are confident that everything will be fine, and we are confident that we will win and we will achieve all our goals. <…> We will achieve our goal, and you will live better, and your safety will be guaranteed, — said Peskov.

The spokesman expressed confidence that Russia will be able to cope with the difficulties, but the country needs to develop its own technologies and support import substitution. “Did we succeed? The answer is unambiguous— Yes. We have everything for this,»,— he said.

According to Peskov, Russia has been living in crises for at least two decades and has used them “to renew” itself. and development. “We defended our interests. Because just like an individual, the state has its own interests. And if the state does not show perseverance, if the state does not show principles on the main issues of existence, this state loses its independence, sovereignty, sovereignty, the ability to independently think, make decisions, & mdash; said the spokesman.

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From the end of February, many countries around the world began to introduce or tighten sanctions against Russia. In response, Russia announced the preparation of a package of counter-sanctions and compiled a list of unfriendly countries, which included 27 EU countries, Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and a number of other states.

The government also prepared an extensive package measures to support the domestic economy and Russian business. Support measures were also taken for certain industries— transport, for telecoms and IT, as well as construction.

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