The Kremlin said there was no decision to postpone the regional elections

As RBC previously reported, the idea of ​​canceling direct gubernatorial elections this year and transferring elections to legislative assemblies is being discussed. According to Peskov, no decisions were made on this topic. “The Kremlin announced the absence of a decision to postpone the regional elections” />

Decisions to postpone the regional elections, which should be held in September, were not made, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

< p>“No, no decisions have been made on this matter,” — he said, answering the question, included such a topic in the agenda.

The question of a possible change in the usual format or timing of the Single Voting Day— postponing or canceling direct elections of governors— been discussed for the past month and a half. In March, Kommersant citing sources close to the presidential administration, said that several heads of regions had asked to cancel direct elections due to the current economic situation against the background of the military operation in Ukraine and sanctions.

The interlocutors of the newspaper argued that the elections require quite large expenditures, including from the budgets. In addition, they pointed out that it is now more difficult for governors to work with sponsors and run campaigns, which, among other things, involve changing the work schedule.

At the end of April, RBC sources also reported that the likelihood of canceling direct gubernatorial elections and the transition of regions to elections through legislative assemblies is high. One of the interlocutors clarified that direct elections could be canceled this year, and then the situation is unclear.

In addition, RBC sources allowed the postponement of elections to legislative assemblies and city dumas to 2023 or 2024, when presidential elections.

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The President will make the final decision on changing the format of the elections. It was expected that he would express his position during the meeting of the Council of Legislators in St. the question of a possible postponement of the elections was not discussed.

According to the plan, the Single Voting Day should take place in Russia on September 11th. 15 heads of regions will be elected, as well as deputies of six legislative bodies of the country's constituent entities.

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