Sanguisugabogg Drop Brutal Song About Chopping Off Your Own Penis

Sanguisugabogg, the Ohio death metal group whose name means "bloodsucker" in Latin, have signed to Century Media for the release of their debut record, Tortured Whole. The announcement is accompanied by a NSFW music video for the single and album opener, "Menstrual Envy."

In the video, the band is seen meeting with an agent outside, who informs them they will be signing their contract with Century Media before handing them a bag of psychedelic mushrooms to ingest before their meeting. The contract includes "enhanced dong / big weiner [sic] provisions," that necessitates the enhancement of the band members' genitalia.

In reality, it's the beginning of a nightmarish horror script in which their new enhancements turn on them, swelling to monstrous sizes as they begin to tear into the guts of those nearby. Fans are also left with a "to be continued…" cliffhanger as the immediate threats are dealt with.

"This is a love song about chopping off your own damn hog. Thanks," said Sanguisugabogg in a collective statement.

Musically, "Menstrual Envy" is a knuckle-walking death metal track that continuously tries to best itself in Earth-heaving brutality, rife with gut-check slams and elbow-swinging pit grooves.

Mike Gitter, the label's VP of A&R, said of the band, "Sanguisugabogg were one of the most unlikely and explosive success stories of 2019. Their acid-addled take on death metal struck a raw nerve with a scant 11 minutes of genre-busting insanity on the Pornographic Seizures EP. In a short space of time, they became the most buzzed-about band in extreme metal. Now, Tortured Whole is a creative step into a more unsettling terrain, probably death metal's answer to PFunk's Maggot Brain. This is your brain on Sanguisugabogg."

Watch the NSFW music video below and look for Tortured Whole to drop on March 26. To pre-order your copy, head here.

Sanguisugabogg, "Menstrual Envy"

Sanguisugabogg, Tortured Whole Album Art + Track Listing

Century Media

1. "Menstrual Envy"
2. "Gored in the Chest"
3. "Dragged by a Truck"
4. "Pornographic"
5. "Dead as Shit"
6. "Tortured Whole"
7. "Interlube"
8. "Dick Filet"
9. "Urinary Ichor"
10. "Posthumous Compersion"
11. "Felching Filth"

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