Benny Banks – The Plug Freestyle Lyrics

The Plug, Yano
Mougzey? On the buttons
Shout my bruddahs Alf and Josh inside
Rest In Peace Die Hard
Rest In Peace Wetherman
Feed my brother Assan?
OK, A-STAR C, Cuzzie, Big Steeze, Ginger D
Shout my bruddah Pat

[Verse 1 // Freestyle]
Came far but I’m nowhere near finished
Hater’s they would love to see me slipping
Big ** for me blood I’ll leave you dripping
Ask Dan you stole it out his kitchen
Bro with the killers I been kushty
I ain’t a killer but don’t push me
Up in the plug I smoke good weed
Only the Cali and no Bush weed
Man like Banks I’m a real-ionaire
And I ride dirty Chamillionaire
I’m out here tryna handle affairs
Man – I just wanna be a billionaire
I can smell hate in the air
Look on my face do I care
Man I make shit rain anywhere
Any time any place any Breh

It’s hard tryna make a change, tryna make a change
They all talk my name, tryna make they name
They just talk in vain
Charge it to the game
My flow gone insane
Amsterdam, nah saying?

Smoke a sack a day
Trap and trap away
Ain’t no microwaves
Cali packs for days
I just math the change I ain’t being no Uck
I just whack the face

Rollie caught a case now he’s locked away
I got food in ends tryna send it Quay
I ain’t moving fake all I move is weight all they do is hate

Bitches love the dick
They all want my kids
Ain’t got time for chicks
Busy getting rich
She would suck a dick
Wouldn’t wash a dish
Filthy f**king bitch

Rising in you fool
Got up like a champ
Back against the wall
Shit was getting mad
Feed me to the wolves
Come back led the pack
You ain’t ever trap
You just hella chat
I been hell ‘n back
Got my head in tat
If i’m taking that
He ain’t getting back
Make your bed ‘n that
End up getting wrapped
Ask my brother pat

Shout my Manny dons
Big ol’ hammers dons
Real leaders, ain’t no tag-alongs
We don’t babble on
f**k the Babylon
Phone, Charge our scales, Bag of Grub
Line been banging off
Worker had enough
Still he has it up
All is adding up
You ain’t matching up
Different caliber
I’m professional, you a amateur

Pockets empty, had to stack ‘em up
Sick of being broke, damn I had enough
Says she wanna f**k, but her man is nuts
So I gave her dick, didn’t give her love
I don’t give her presents rather give her drugs
Wouldn’t take her shopping but I bring her pub
She can’t meet my mum, let her meet my tugs
Meet my brother Krumbs he might send you cunch

In the kitchen with a box of loud
Ain’t no pots and pans
I turn pot to pounds
I don’t chuck in towels
Rather touch this girl
Didn’t wash my hands, I still fed they mouth

They ain’t on my level
Pedal to the metal
Think it’s best you settle
We don’t come to wrestle
Make you meet the devil
Put that on my freckles
Buy yourself a burner ‘for you buy a kettle

Always stood by my word
When rap ain’t work I stood by the work
Gelato made my phone go berserk
Had no time to keep up with these nerds

Always stood by my word
When rap ain’t work I got back to work
The good die young the bad in reverse
The bad guy last the good dying first

Most my friends turn to enemies
Lost themselves through to jealousy
Back and maintain the remedy
I smoke weed and sip Hennessy
Tryna find my serenity
Skin white I’m like f**k white supremacy
Half my family is black what you telling me
I ain’t ever reap no white man benefits

All these lessons that I learn
Building bridges that I burn
And those tables that I turn
Wasn’t waiting for no turn
Man I had to make it work
I done come up out the dirt
I know shit could still be worse
I ain’t sat up in no hearse

Gushers got me in a coma
8 o clock in Barcelona
41 up in billaboda???
Californi in the Roma
Feat up on a sofa
Spanish bitch with all her clothes off
Bottoms red like a Post Box
Light my blunt and get a blow job



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