Quilly – Who Gon Stop Us Lyrics (feat. Pnb Rock)

[Intro: Quilly]
Feel good, don’t nobody touch the heat either

[Verse 1: Quilly]
When it really come down to it
You don’t really wanna go through it
I’ll put a check on your head, I’ll tell my shooter “just do it”
You don’t wanna beef; 5 Guys
Put some Chicken on your head; Popeyes
What’s a walk down to a drive by?
Put the pound to you; no high five
On your roof like satellite WIFI
Have niggas’ sleepin’ on your crib nigga
Lawyer paid off, I’ma beat the case
Hungry lil’ nigga that’ll eat the plate
Ruth Chris, boy, you’re lookin’ like Steak
Shooters on go, never heard of breaks
Whats attempt murder to a murder case?
All my niggas’ boosting up the murder rate
My youngins’ don’t read or write, but they squeeze on sight
For that cheese, alright?
Got a fiend, all white, bring me green all night
Got a fiend, all black, on the first, get a stack
If we go to court, you’re the first one to rat
MAC wit the ladder, be the first one to clap
Street credit good, nigga, you can check the stat
Paperwork clean, I was never into that
And, you was never into this, hatin’ ass niggas
Said I never would be rich
“Talk about the pain”, hold up, let me reminisce
How I owe you? You ain’t never give me shit
Now I’m makin’ all hits; won’t miss
Now, I got a full stomach, full clip
Michael Jordan on the mic; no bullshit
Hope you never forget, I will never forfeit
Gold on the grill but the (?)
This the type of flow to put the house on the hill
Live by the street rule; kill or be killed
I’ma get it in, Inshallah; Lord will
Know a couple hood niggas’ that’ll ride for me
Uptown niggas’, put you in the sky for me
Got that 57 sittin’ on the side of me
And, I would never sing, quiet as a Library
No stop signs, all green lights, tuck a nigga in, help him sleep tight
I remember times, I ain’t eat nights, sleep nights
You don’t know about this street life

[Chorus: PNB Rock] (2x)
All of my niggas, we came from the bottom
Don’t play wit my niggas, we play wit them choppers
100 in the drum, bitch, you better run
We ain’t gotta aim, cock it, and, we spray
Take your life away, who gonna stop us?


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