Ieknows – Satellites Lyrics

[Verse 1: iEknows]

Words cut through the instrumentals
Ain’t shit coincidental
I should stop and cop a rental
In hollywood like i probably should
The fundamentals
Just tipped the taxi guy
But the shit was accidental
Took the liquor to the temple
These thoughts begin to resemble
Them Auburn college days when they said the kid had potential
Picked up the pencil
With ambition thoughts of being successful
About the same time my life became so stressful
These thoughts i began to wrestle
I miss my old miss
But f**k it Im a rebel
Who’s on to another level
I say another level
Cause I’m cutting out the middle man and making double
Giving the industry trouble
Things need to change
There’s gotta be a spot for me
Got to fulfill the prophecy
So i kick it to you
With the skills of 10 soccer teams
In European soccer league
Messi, ain’t no stopping me
Winning is my policy
But honestly
I’ve been keeping to my self
Working out, Eating good
I’ve been working on my health
Playing the best hand out these pack of cards i was dealt
You see theres Innovative Kingz
Then theres everybody else
Whats up

[Hook: iEknows]

I did what they said i couldn’t do
I did what they said i couldn’t do
I did what they said i couldn’t do
I did what they said i couldn’t do

[Verse 2: iEknows]

I did what they said I couldn’t do
I recouped when I split from that group
All I did was jump in the booth
And turn into the mother f**king truth
This is proof
This is bishop
This is juice
Food for thought
With chicken soup
I’m a take time to introduce
A nigga that rap and can produce
African blood all in my roots
Peach Ciroc all in her juice
Who Your girl probably gon’ choose
A nigga like me with no excuse
(uh-huh x2)
When the time comes
Won’t even have to say it
Cause it’s obvious i made it
Like one of my cities greatest
I got a lot of will
But I’m far from being jaded
211 in my hand
I’m the closet thing to faded,But
I wish y’all would pay attention
These words are my lethal weapons
I use them as my protection
Tell BET my music matters like a first impression
Told my niggas quit the stressing
No time for the second guessing
Y’all niggas can’t blow my high 
Put that on my God 
Seen a lot of shit 
Out the rip
That would make a nigga trip
Make a nigga say oh my God 
Like oh my God
Can’t believe your girls on my rod 
Best believe my songs on her pod
Can’t believe 
That you can’t believe  
That i did achieve 
What you perceive 
As difficult to the 1st degree. 
You hoping things get worse for me. 
But thats that shit that works for me
I’m that nigga to the 3rd degree
All the hate made me Hercules
If you ain’t talking about currency
Then don’t try to get a verse from me nigga

On my shit
On my grind
Working hard
Trying to shine
X 2


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