Willie The Kid – Gettysburg Lyrics

[Verse 1: Willie The Kid]

Gettysburg fur civil war leather
Civilian women writing letters
Let us pray for rain
Till the hurricanes come, then we complain
Became too complacent with the pain
A failure to plan nigga plan on failure
What they tell ya?
Remembered like a memorabilia
Souvenirs the Bellagio, maneuver on Lears
Niggas Lumineer fake
Fake ya death, a near death experience awaits
Luminary, canary diamonds, pairing wines
Niggas little like ring bearers
Carry like a paul bearer
Paul Masson, saunas, get massaged often
Satin linings in ya coffin, die rich
Configure figures with my niggas I can buy a bitch
Configure formulas a scientist oblige a glitch
Piano wire, tire iron, so resourceful
Deutsche Marks hella gorgeous
You rap niggas Boy George eat ya porridge
To each it’s own, I don’t condone, don’t condemn
I’m f**king bitches like the Borgias tho
Fancy dinner tell the band to play the chorus slow
While I grind from behind on something so fine
Pour some wine baby, the navy blue fur
Confirm my order copping furniture it’s all a blur
Occurred to me in the wee hours, night/morning
Pouring Bushmills, dollar bills by the bushel
You get stabbed and drugged back, I’m non-friendly
The Moleskine chinos, the Tom Ford glasses
Looks can be deceiving
This (is) Underwater Basket Weaving
Frozen black finish on the M5 – breezing

[Hook: Willie The Kid]

Dollar bills and gun smoke
(its) Free liquor
Dollar bills and gun smoke
Free my niggas 4x

Wild nights on the town with your bitch nigga
Yeah –
Money for my niggas
Fine wine for the bitches
TCP – yall niggas know man


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