Skillz – Rap Up 2019 Lyrics

Hey, we back on the scene, to talk about some things
It’s the Rap Up for the year 2019
The Pats won again, and nah, I ain’t a fan
Robert Kraft got bagged, illegal use of the hands
Soulja went HAM, had Drake in his plans (“DRAKE!”)
I just felt bad for his Gucci headband
The 10 Year Challenge, I’ma keep it a buck
Some of us coulda left those pictures in the cut
And I was like y’all, glued to the telly
Lifetime dropped a bomb with Surviving R. Kelly
But don’t be mistaken, the feds ain’t breakin’
And Rob had it comin’, this was years in the makin’
Gucci was livin’ foul, Bird Box was wild
And if you went to Fyre Fest (“It’s above me now”)
Then Spike got his Oscar and he had to flex
And we all shook our heads at Jussie Smollett
Half of us was like, “Nah, he cappin’”
The other half was like, “Mmm, I’ma see what happens”
Hate crime stagin’? Bro, just stop
‘Cause there’s no such thing as “The Gay 2Pac”
Now, Tristan and Jordyn, y’all been warned
They say 21 Savage from across the pond
Everybody owe 50 and he wanted his bread
I thought Kells was gonna pop Gayle right in her head
(“Y’all killin’ me with this shit”)
Instead he got hot and got knocked by the feds
Ask Michael, they don’t let you rest when you dead
Lori Harvey looser than Zion shoe
Man, cover your drink when Cardi B in the room (“Okurrr”)
I’m just tryin’ to do the knowledge
Them folks been lyin’ just so they could get their kids in college
Them Coachella outbreaks had y’all nervous
And y’all pray that it’d go away at Sunday Service
And Endgame made some bread
Must be somethin’ in the water if Taylor Swift won’t wash her legs
And Aisha Curry get a mention
Talkin’ ’bout “It’s not wanted but I’d like to get some male attention”
Girl, you outta line
If Steph had said that mess, y’all woulda lost y’all minds
Then they shot Big Papi just for sittin’ in the bar
Can’t even vacay, people dyin’ in DR
Toronto brought it home
And who the hell left that cup on the table in Game of Thrones?
Arya put the Night King back in his bag
Other than that, the whole last season was trash
It’s usually all love from Asahd’s dad
But when Tyler got that spot, bruh got mad
And A.B. was wylin’, bro, you crazy
Hell of a year for Megan and DaBaby
Ladies talkin’ ’bout it’s a Hot Girl Summer
I’m like how, y’all was out here suckin’ on cucumbers
And them Top 50 lists was quite deceivin’
They locked A$AP up for a fight in Sweden
Hit Area 51 dressed in black
Got to the door and they fa sho sent our ass right back
And the Royal Family couldn’t find that balance
Imagine Flint havin’ to see a Water Bottle Challenge
Then Chris Brown and Drake made a power move
But that ain’t stop Drake from gettin’ booed
And I wasn’t mad at Trey for the Power track
But y’all made such a fuss, 50 changed it back
And it got a little Stormi for Kylie and Travis
And y’all lost y’all mind over a damn chicken sandwich
For real though, y’all was wylin’
It ain’t ever that serious, and no, I still ain’t tried it
Eddie came back, same for Chappelle
Hov came back too but with the NFL
The NBA let the boy Melo back
Ay NFL, why y’all couldn’t do that for Kaep?
Man, somethin’ gotta change, I done had enough
Plus I know they feel a way when they see us
So yeah I got a grudge
Kill a Black man in his house, go to court for it and you get a hug?
Now that’s just crazy, I don’t believe it
Lizzo had the juice and made sure y’all seen it
And “Old Town Road” was everywhere
No cap, had to be the biggest song of the year
Lil Nas X was poppin’
Bruh sold 10 mill then he came out the closet
YG and Kehlani, yeah, that ain’t last
And everybody and they mama seemed to have a podcast
Hurricane Dorian ripped through the hood
Tyler Perry made a brand new Hollywood
Then Nick got dissed and he came for Em
Y’all be careful ’cause there’s still human trafficking
And that baby face filter got so big
I ain’t know if that was y’all or Future’s kids
T.I. checkin’ hymens, Greta rose to fame
You should never swing a helmet in a football game
Hov and Diddy turned 50, hell of a feat
Illest song of the year was (“Black Men Don’t Cheat”)
No music Rihanna, felt like she played me
LeBron’s hair was like, (“What it do, baybee?”)
And everybody ran for prez, that list was deep
(“Ladies and gentlemen”) Your boy got his ass impeached
Worst president ever, simple and plain
Man, you been gettin’ it in with Russia and Ukraine
Trump the real Joker, when y’all gon’ learn?
Please don’t let this fool get a second term
That 6ix9ine trial was wild
He snitched so much, snitchin’ almost came back in style
Saw Beyoncé at a party lookin’ cute
Pulled out my phone, tried to take a pic wit’ her (“And I oop”)
It’s crazy out here, the system broken
Y’all chill, it’s too many of y’all overdosin’
Spank your kids, that’s my reaction
That’ll stop ’em from stagin’ their own kidnappin’
It’s still a soft spot and I’d never forget
Rest in Peace ’cause I hate how we lost Nip
Keep your head up, no matter the cost
And I send a prayer up for everybody we lost
Be kind to one another, take life serious
I’m plannin’, I ain’t dealin’ with no randoms, period
It’s Mad Skillz, no doubt
Welcome to 2020, a’ight, I’ma head out


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